How It Works

People are different, let's treat them differently. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, each visitor to your website is analyized based on their browsing history, social media channel they are coming from and their past behaviour. This analysis is used to display a customised version of your website that will help maximize the chance of conversion rate.


Learn About Your Business & Customer Base

Understanding your business and your customer base is key to achieving better results. We will want to ensure the improvements to your site make sense to you and your customers.


Generate Split Tests

Our super switched-on team will create multiple versions of various elements in your website. You will be able to preview these split tests to ensure they are in line with your offerings and values.


AI Kicks In

The intelligent brain behind our technology will analyze user behaviour and history and show them the most suitable variant. This will guarantee the increase in your conversion.

Split Tests


Increase in Sales


Visitors Served


What We Offer

Our services are partly done by our super experts in-house and partly done by our machine learning technology to efficiently identify website visitors. This will result in:

  • Personalized Split Tests Tailored to Your Business
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Identification of Your Most Lucrative Channels & Demographics
  • Dynamic Adaptation of Your Webiste

And at the end of the day, if we can't deliver on our promise, you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

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